Past Presidents

1947-48   Herbert V. Lindsay (Connecticut General Life Insurance Company)

1948-49   A. Cleaver Bolton (Bank of Delaware)

1949-50   William B. Stormfeltz (Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company)

1950-51   Joseph Rhoads (Wilmington Trust Company)

1951-52   Leonard C. Kiesling (Continental American Insurance Company)

1952-53   George R. Dougherty (Bank of Delaware)

1953-54   J. Paul Heinel (Travelers Insurance Company)

1954-55   Joseph P. Wortz (Bank of Delaware)

1955-56   Charles F. Raley (Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company)

1956-57   Joseph R. Johnson (Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware)

1957-58   Frank B. Francis (Broker)

1958-59   Earl E. Donaldson (Sun Life of Canada)

1959-60   Earl I. Bower (Delaware Trust Company)

1960-61   W. Henry Hooper (Mutual Life Insurance of New York)

1961-62   Endsley P. Fairman (Wilmington Trust Company)

1962-63   Tipton Sheets (John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company)

1963-64   George A. Reece (Bank of Delaware)

1964-65   Harry Mayer, Jr. (Continental American Life Insurance Company)

1965-66   Robert L. Woodford (Delaware Trust Company)

1966-67   William S. Butler (Sun Life of Canada)

1967-68   William E. Reed (Wilmington Trust Company)

1968-69   Thomas A. Galligher (Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company)

1969-70   John B. Smith (Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware)

1970-71   R. Douglas Layton (Prudential Insurance Company of America)

1971-72   Walter E. Mock (Bank of Delaware)

1972-73   A. Duer Pierce, Jr. (The Financial House, Inc.)

1973-74   Lawrence F. Meehan (Delaware Trust Company)

1974-75   Byron Samonisky (Continental American Life Insurance Company)

1975-76   David Nichol Williams (David Nichol Williams, P.A.)

1976-77   Gerard A. Zulli (Haskins & Sells)

1977-78   Robert B. Landon (Wilmington Trust Company)

1978-79   Warren A. Beh, Jr. (Knox, Beh, Carl & Schlimm)

1979-80   Thomas P. Sweeney (Richards, Layton & Finger)

1980-81   Mark H. Goldman (Corcoran & Goldman, P.A.)

1981-82   Dorothy G. Kutner (Bank of Delaware)

1982-83   Edward O. Gordon (GFS Company)

1983-84   Robert W. Crowe (Cooch & Taylor)

1984-85   James A. Whisman (Whisman & Associates)

1985-86   George M. Fisher (Delaware Trust Company)

1986-87   Donald N. Pierce (The Financial House, Inc.)

1987-88   David J. Garrett (Potter, Anderson & Corroon)

1988-89   James T. Cannon (Caney, Cannon, Truitt & Sarnecki, P.A.)

1989-90   J. Stoddard Hayes, Jr. (Wilmington Trust Company)

1990-91   Leo E. Strine (The Acacia Group)

1991-92   Joanna Reiver (Schlusser, Reiver, Hughes & Sisk)

1992-93   Jordon Rosen (Barbacane Thornton & Company)

1993-94   Nina Worthington (Christiana Bank & Trust Company)

1994-95   Ruth Evelyn Cecil (Rockwell Associates)

1995-96   Steven R. Director (Morris, James, Hitchens & Williams)

1996-97   Robert J. Perrone (Gunnip & Company)

1997-98   Richard W. Nenno (Wilmington Trust Company)

1998-99   John C. Cleaver (Creative Financial Concepts, Inc.)

1999-00   W. Donald Sparks, II (Richards, Layton & Finger)

2000-01   Nancy F. Blumberg (Master, Sidlow & Associates, P.A.)

2001-02   Thomas M. Forrest (U.S. Trust Company of Delaware)

2002-03   Mary Ann Tuschak (Financial House)

2003-04   Beverly Wik (Old Capital Law Firm)

2004-05   John P. Garniewski, Jr. (Wilmington Family Office)

2005-06   Geoffrey M. Rogers (The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A.)

2006-07   R. Clifford Berg, Jr. (Financial House)

2007-08   Michael A. Friedberg (Charles Schwab Bank)

2008-09   Barry A. Crozier (Belfint, Lyons & Shuman, P.A.)

2009-10   Anthony Jasienski (PNC Wealth Management)

2010-11   Todd A. Flubacher (Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunell)

2011-12    Susan Fisher (Commonwealth Trust Company)

2012-13    Mary Hopkins (Nemours/A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children)

2013-14    William H. Lunger (Martin & Lunger, P.A.)

2014-15     William F. Denney (Newton One Advisors)

2015-16     Kathryn S. Schultz (Belfint, Lyons & Shuman)

2016-17     Anthony W. Lunger (Wilmington Trust Company)

2017-18     Kimberly Gill McKinnon (Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP)

2018-19     Gregg L. Landis (BNY Mellon Wealth Management)

2019-20     James W. Hayes (Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.)